Briefly in English 

Briefly in English

Texthouse is a company owned and operated by Tarja Raninen and is located at Rusutjarvi in Tuusula. Tarja earned a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Helsinki and has twenty years of experience as a successful writer of vastly different forms of literature. She is a member of both the Union of Journalists of Finland and The Finnish Association of Non-Fiction Writers.

Having collaborated on numerous projects with well-known clients, Tarja’s reputation is one of a consummate professional. She has written numerous books from textbooks to children’s books; please see the Books link for more details.

Texthouse offers customers full service copywriting and copy editing services in Finnish along with access to a professional network of graphic designers, photographers, and translators. Translations from English and Swedish to Finnish are offered in house and translations from Finnish to English, to Swedish, and to German are contracted.  Please see the Translations link for more details.

Texthouse also offers adult continuing education in communication; see our link College. These half-day workshops conducted in Finnish only are tailored to the needs of corporations, associations or student organizations and include some of the following topics:

A New and Exciting Course now Available: Becoming an Author

This course meets 5-10 times and consists of instruction and feedback in the aspects of producing and editing manuscripts. Being a practical based workshop, it will teach you how to effectively communicate your message using appropriate language while also considering the technical and financial aspects of publications. This course is ideal for self-publishers such as companies, social clubs, or even community colleges.